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An inspiring keynote speaker will be brought to Bergen all the way from New Zealand: Dr Robin Youngson, anaesthetist, and founder of the Centre for Compassion in Health Care in Auckland. The Maori name of the centre is Waiatawhai.


There is a growing movement to make compassion a keystone in healthcare. Waiatawhai, the Centre for Compassion in Healthcare, has become a focal point for a widespread network of both health professionals and health consumers around the world. From small beginnings in New Zealand, an international dialogue and network is starting to take shape. Dr Robin Youngson, a British trained anaesthetist who has made New Zealand his home, has taken up the challenge of restoring compassion as a core value and daily lived practice for all health professionals and institutions.

Dr Robin Youngson is an anaesthetic specialist, engineer, systems thinker, and for seven years has been the Clinical Leader in the development and running of the new Waitakere Hospital in Auckland and is the NZ representative on the WHO International Steering Committee for Patient Safety Solutions. He has presented and taught widely on issues of clinical service redesign, patient-centred reform, clinical leadership, patient safety, open disclosure, workforce development and compassion in healthcare.

The Centre's Maorian name, Waiatawhai, reflects the spiritual nature of the work, to strengthen the heart and soul of healthcare. The Maori people of New Zealand have a holistic framework for health and wellbeing that incorporates four dimensions: bodily -, mental -, relationship and emotional - and spiritual health. This framework serves as an antidote to the Western emphasis on clinical detachment and objectivity, where the technical quality of clinical care might be excellent but the human needs and emotional experience of the patient and family are often neglected. For more information: www.compassioninhealthcare.org