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News from the Czech Republic

Photo: Johann Baumgartner
Photo: Johann Baumgartner

The Czech representative in the Dignity network tells us news from her own country:

- Geriatric medicine has a long history in the Czech Republic. There has been a geriatric department in Prague since the 1920s. Since 1983 geriatric medicine is a specialized branch of postgradual medical education and the system of community geriatric nurses was developed. Nowadays there are both geriatrics and also long term care medicine since last year as a speciality for post graduate medical education (practical specialization). In the Czech Republic. After political changes in 1989 some new types of geriatric care have been established besides the traditional long-term care hospitals. One of them is the Centre of Gerontology in the Prague 8 City District. The Centre started its activity in 1992 and has subsequently developed different types of services for seniors: rehabilitation unit, unit for rehabilitation and care for persons with dementia, day care unit for persons with dementia and also home nursing care, home assistance, geriatric team visits etc. Important are also its teaching activities, says Iva Holmerova.

She continues:
- A newcommer is also CELLO (Centre of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term care) as a research centre of the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague. This is also a think-tank for long-term care and ageing and a base of experts and young researchers for teaching and research collaboration and member of International Longevity Centres Global Alliance -and our Dignity network, of course!
Its new projects are: Gerontological and organizational supervision in residential care - it is a project which focuses on development of managerial culture and improvement of care especially for persons with dementia (it is implemented in the Region South Moravia, supported by the regional authority). Research on long term care in a Czech Republic is supported by a grant of the Internal Agency of Ministry of Health as a 5years research grant, and we are happy abut that, says Iva.

For a pdf version of Iva Holmerova's article about the Dignity Conference, published in the Chech major health care magazine, click here.

Three points of major importance related to network engagements:
A. Friendly partnerships in a collaborative atmosphere.
B. It should have a scientific impact.
C. It should have a European impact.

Contact information: Iva Holmerova
Geriatrician, founding director Centre of Gerontology, Prague, since 1992. Associate professor of the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague. Ph.D. in social gerontology, Head of CELLO, President of the Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics and Vice Chairperson in Alzheimer Europe, an association of national Alzheimer organizations. Iva.Holmerova@gerontocentrum.cz