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The Dignity network in the future

Photo: Johann Baumgartner
Photo: Johann Baumgartner

By Stein Husebø

Director, The Dignity Center, Norway

The Dignity network represents different experiences. Its members are committed and have a common history as partners, and launched the first Solstrand Conference together. But how keep up the good pace?

A main concern for the Dignity network for the time to come will be the implementation in long term care to improve life quality before the end of life by optimal activities and inclusion of volunteers, pain assessment and treatment and a palliative care plan.

Goals for this work:
• The best from Solstrand 2010 pointed out, to be developed
• Motivation and structure of our future collaboration
• Point out the importance of our engagement. The work is important, the combination of palliative care and long term care, related to the frail old.
• Networking is one of the objectives of the Dignity Group. We want to learn from Europe, and also contribute to the implementation in Europe.

At the same time, the group is small and vulnerable, the members live in different countries, mostly working on a national level - in lack of international door-openers? But, it is of vital importance to maintain the network and meet across borders.

Much of this work ‘melts down’ to what individuals can do and realize, but still: is there a potential also among the institutions, organizations or system we represent? How is it possible to mobilize and communicate, in spite of different cultures and languages? How make the media, experts and politicians recognize this work? Would it be possible to attend a hearing on long term care in the EU Parliament?