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News from the Dignity Center

Eirin Hillestad, Project Manager. Photo: Stein HusebÝ
Eirin Hillestad, Project Manager. Photo: Stein HusebÝ

The Dignity Center in Bergen is established as a foundation, with Norwegian Red Cross, The Worker's union (Fagforbundet), G C Rieber Foundation and Helle Bennett Foundation as the founders.

A new, national project now being developed at the center is related to the training of coordinators for voluntary work for frail older people. For questions related to this, contact Project Manager: eirin.hillestad@verdighetsenteret.no  

The center has for the past years developed a Teach the Teachers-course, not at least for health workers on the floor level, also giving local projects and local implementation through teaching programs. 10% of all Norwegian 430 communities have since 2007 been represented at this course, which represents the meeting between long term care and palliative care (or: the concept of palliative care taken into the long term care). For questions, please contact: Kari Sollesnes, nurse in the Dignity Center staff: sykepleier@verdighetsenteret.no